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AI Tech Solution to COVID-19 Aged Care Restrictions - Reducing Spread without Reducing Care

Thank you for your idea and COVID-19: is a patented, world first, AI driven fall detection and behavioral analysis device. It does not need to be installed and can simply be placed in a room and plugged into power to function. Due to the nature of the Novel Carona Virus COVID-19, and the way it spreads, limiting physical human contact is extremely important – particularly in Aged Care and Retirement Living, as this is the most at risk group in Australia. The dramatic reduction in visitation abilities, with Care Providers going into lockdown, has resulted in a large amount of families with concern as to the state of their loved one in Aged Care. Further to this, the elderly who are receiving care in their own homes (In Home Care) are at risk of having the illness transmitted to them by care workers without symptoms. In addition to this, there are over a hundred thousand Australians still waiting for home care packages. allows for the non intrusive monitoring of the elderly for abnormal behaviour such as falls, slowing/lack of movement, change in sleep patterns and many other factors that could indicate the onset of an illness such as COVID-19. It does this without requiring anything other than power, and is able to alert Care Staff as well as the Family of those Elderly Citizens who are at most risk, all while not requiring additional physical contact – thus allowing for the level of care to stay the same or increase, while reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection.

It is imperative we implement social isolation without impacting the level of care we provide – enables exactly this.

If you think that those in your care and their families would benefit from using our technology, we are working with care providers in this difficult time to alleviate that anxiety and ultimately, save lives. Currently, we have the capacity to rapidly scale up production of our technology – and have capacity to provide up to 500,000 units in to Australian citizens in the coming weeks if required. All I need is help getting in the hands of those who’s lives it is going to save. 

Not only would using solely Australian technology save the lives of those who need assistance most at this time, it would support Australian Industry, Australian Workers and most of all – the Australian People.

In Summary:


  • can detect 2/3 most common Coronavirus symptoms out of the box (Fatigue, Coughing) and 3/3 with a bolt on sensor (Fatigue, Coughing and Thermal/fever), as well as changes in these and track that change to enable early response and treatment and save lives
  • needs no installation, which means no installers or external contact with elderly required (also reduces cost associated)
  • is self contained, 3G/4G/5G Enabled so doesn’t require internet or wifi in the home
  • can alert to a number of behaviours such as sickness (COVID-19, Flu, etc), degrading health, falls, fatigue, degrading movement, presence and absence detection, intruder detection, lots more.
  • is a patented world first and the only technology that achieves all this while being 100% private and secure – doesn’t send any photos, videos or recordings – maintains privacy and dignity
  • can rapidly deploy units within a week or two, and have over 500,000 units in use within a month
  • has a monitoring handoff – for those without emergency contacts of loved ones or carers, who can respond and escalate to emergency services or to our Telehealth partner as needed for diagnosis
  • Can be distributed to every elderly person in Australia, no matter where they are
  • Can at a glance provide the current health status of every single elderly citizen
  • Data is stored in Australia, complies with data sovereignty laws, Australian privacy principles and the Australian privacy act (no personally identifiable information is sent, no photos, videos or recordings are saved or stored)
  • also has the ability to detect violence and elder abuse, weapons, fire, intruders and more (solve Royal Commission issues)
  • This investment for government has application far beyond COVID-19, and is the best technology in the world to assist our elderly regardless
  • Investing in this relationship would be a win for Australian Government, Australian Industry (we are 100% Australian owned) and the Australian people and positions us as a world leader in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a world leader in how we care for our elderly
  • has already been approached by the largest technology distributor globally to distribute to other countries and governments across the world. was developed and built prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, to assist our elderly and those living alone or with disabilities. It just so happens that this technology has perfect application to help the people of Australia, and the world, during this pandemic.



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