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by Lindsay Aston | 4 months ago | in Staying well
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During this time of COVID-19 and its method of transmission through close proximity of a carrier.

We have some awesome technology available these days and the internet is much better now than it ever has been but this doesn't mean there is room for huge improvements.

I suggest that we use the internet to connect to health professionals and create online appointments (this was a goal of the NBN when it was rolled out by Labor) through the use of cameras or online chats if camera is not available. We connect to the doctor and provide a run down of symptons and if the doctor needs to read your bp, pulse and temperature, this can be done through a health app on your phone. If the doctor then feels your need a referral for a blood test or wants to write out a script for you and sends it  to your phone. 

People ask this may not be secure but it can be set up online the way the myGov website is but go one step further and integrate this with your phone.

This will promote social distancing and keep our health professionals safe and ensure you can make an appointment with a doctor as sometimes you have to make an appointment 2 days in advance.

This would also make it easier for members of the community who are not as mobile to connect with a health professional.

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We are pleased to advise that the WA Innovation Hub (Health) team has evaluated your idea and have decided to explore it further. Thank you for joining the iThink community supporting Western Australians.

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