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Utilising Drones for spraying disinfectant

Thank you for your idea

Drones can be used for spraying disinfection in public places to hep beat COVID19. This has been used with great effect in China and the UK is considering introducing them. We have the capability already in Perth to do the same. I would like to ask for your advice and explore ways to use this technology for our battle against this COVID19 in Western Australia. I have inserted a couple of links below for your review.

Please reach if you are interested in a demonstration.   or 0499 085 777.

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Mahmood Hussein 4 months ago

Just attached an infographic showing a number of applications for drones to combat Covid19. Check it out.

The iThink Team 4 months ago

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Deanna Cuibono 4 months ago

This would attract a lot of controversy, it's a privacy violation.

Mahmood Hussein 4 months ago

Deanna, Thanks for your comment, yes it would, if it was done without consultation, approvals and planning. If you click on the links in the the article, you will see that it is done when there are no people or vehicles around and many done during the night.

The iThink Team 3 months ago

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WA Innovation Hub Team 3 months ago

We are pleased to advise that the WA Innovation Hub (Health) team has evaluated your idea and have decided to explore it further. Thank you for joining the iThink community supporting Western Australians.