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CX Awards - shortlist

Posted by The iThink Team (Admin) 1 month ago

iThink has received an exciting first birthday present – it’s been shortlisted for the 'Excellence in Public Sector: The Citizen Experience" category at the 2020 Ashton Media CX Awards!

Sonja O’Leary, Executive Director People, Culture and Diversity at the Commission is pleased to see iThink’s impact over the past year.

“Two heads may be better than one, but in this case, the heads of thousands of users have contributed to some innovative and impressive ideas - many of which have come to life.

My thanks to everyone who has taken the time to participate in iThink and share their ideas, and congratulations to the iThink team for their work and the shortlist nomination.”

The CX Awards winners will be announced on 15 October.



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Mary Manov says... 1 month ago

Congratulations iThink team!

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