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e-Health reimagined

Posted by The iThink Team (Admin) 1 month ago

The WA Innovation Hub, with support from EY, recently hosted a number of virtual e-Health workshops connecting consumers, clinical experts, health professionals and others to reimagine health services, focusing on digital health solutions.

Several iThinkers who posted ideas around e-Health in our COVID-19 response challenges (links below) were invited to attend the workshops.

Key themes that emerged from the workshops included:

  • the importance of enabling technology
  • the need for consumer-driven and co-designed solutions
  • equal access for all
  • the importance of connectivity and data.

These workshops build on the work already undertaken by the Department of Health through its Sustainable Health Review to support outpatient reform.

"The Health Consumers’ Council is passionate about ensuring the lived experience voice is at the decision making table, and that’s why we wanted to be involved in this series of workshops. Our outpatient experience has changed little in 70 years – think how much every other consumer experience has transformed in this time. We welcome an innovative inclusive approach to bringing about real and lasting change." 
Pip Brennan, Executive Director Health Consumers’ Council (WA)

It is exciting to see the ideas shared to help build a healthy and resilient Western Australia come to life!

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