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Common iThink questions

Posted by The iThink Team (Admin) Jul 11, 2019

Can I be anonymous when I post ideas?

Users of iThink must register their name, work email address, and organisation of employment in the public sector. It is important that individuals are responsible and accountable for their posts, ideas, comments and interactions on iThink. 

We encourage you to post bold and and innovative ideas that enable the public sector to better deliver for the community. This should be done in a positve and constructive way.

While the ideas posted on iThink are your own and do not represent the views of your agency, as an employee of the Western Australian public sector you must uphold its code of ethics and be accountable for your conduct. See also

Why do I need to use my work email to access iThink?

Access to iThink is limited to email addresses with a public sector domain. By limiting access to employees of the WA public sector, it allows collaboration, knowlege-sharing, and crowdsourcing of innovative ideas to improve business practice and solve policy problems in the public sector.

iThink should be considered a forum among colleagues that enables improvement. By limiting access via work emails unique to public sector employees, we are able to sustain the values and purpose of this online community. 

Can I message someone privately?

Similar to social media, you have the ability to private message other users.

To do this, click on your profile on the top right > my messages. You can then select the user you wish to message, or you can select multiple users to start a group chat.

The message function is a way for you to build your networks and can be used to have further conversation about an idea you have (example, you may wish to meet up to further discuss the idea and setting up a time). We encourage users to make the most of all the functions on iThink but to use it appropriately and keep in mind the terms and conditions you signed up to.

Private messages are not to be used to shoot down others ideas.

If someone inappropriately messages you, or if you are uncomfortable with the way someone is using the private messaging function, please take a screenshot and email it to

Who can see my details?

Other users on iThink can see your name, but not your email address. Only administrators of iThink can access your email address and organisation of employment. 

What happens if I move agencies?

If you change employers please email us at and let us know your user name and new email address.

Can I only access iThink on my work computer?

You can access iThink on any device (desktop, tablet, phone), personal or work, as long as you log in using your work email address.

What browser should I use?

iThink loads best in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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Comments (4)

Cameron Gibbs says... Aug 8, 2019

How do I submit ideas for other future challenges?

Bonnie iThink Team says... Aug 12, 2019

Hi Cameron

Please email the iThink team at with your suggestion for a future challenge.


AlexB says... Aug 13, 2019

How do I delete my account?

AlexLegend says... Aug 13, 2019

Please email the iThink team at to request the deactivation of your account. 

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