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How do I submit an idea?

Posted by The iThink Team (Admin) Jul 5, 2019

There are two ways you can post a new idea: from the challenge page, and from the navigation menu.

From the challenge page: If inspiration strikes while you are viewing a challenge, click on the ‘Post an Idea’ button underneath the challenge brief. 

From the navigation toolbar: From anywhere on iThink, the ‘Post an Idea’ box can be seen on the top right. When you click on the button, you will see the current challenges. Click on the challenge to bring up the idea submission form.

Filling out the submission form

The idea submission form captures all of the information needed to post your idea. Give your idea a catchy title and complete the fields in the form. Compulsory fields are noted with an *.

Hint: You don't need to complete your idea submission form in one sitting - just click ‘Save in Draft’ at the bottom of the submission form - but do remember to come back to it! 

Giving your idea a title and description

Give your idea a name. Titles that work best are short and capture the main point of the idea. 

When writing the title of your idea, iThink checks it against those already posted in the challenge. If your title has similar words to another idea, a pop up will show you 'Possibly related posts'.

Adding an image

  • Drag an image from your computer into the featured image box or,
  • Click on the ‘Attach image’ button in the featured image box, find the image you want to add and click Open/Done. 

The image for your idea is shown on your idea's page and appears with your idea throughout the community on the challenge page. 

Tagging other users

Use this field to tag up to 10 other users in iThink to notify them of your idea or comment, or to credit them with helping to develop the idea. 

Uploading additional images, files and audio

You can upload additional images or files to support your idea. Either:

  • Drag and drop the file into the additional files box or,
  • Click on Attach files to open the uploader. 

You can add any of the following file types: 

  1. Images (max size 40mb): gif, jpeg, png, pdf
  2. Video (max size 300mb): mp4, 3gp,  mov ,  avi ,  wmv ,  flv ,  mpeg , mpg, mp3,  wav
  3. Raw (max size 100mb): doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, xls, csv, zip, rar, text, rtf


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